Classes available to enter


Swaledale,Blue-faced Leicester, Teeswater,Masham, Texel, Jacob, Mules, Dalesbred and any other breed


Riding & inhand classes, Fell, Dales, Shetland and Welsh Ponies, Coloured Classes, Mounted Fancy Dress,Open Driving

Other Classes:

Dog Show, Young Farmers' Classes, Children's Classes, Horticulture, Produce, Preserves, Home-made Wine, Bread and Cakes, Handicrafts, Paintings, Photography, Walking Sticks, Miscellany/Group/Individual Classes, Handwriting.


Contact: Reeth Show Management Committee, Swale Hall, Reeth, Richmond, North Yorkshire, DL11 6JA        Tel: 07506380393             
E-mail: or (classifieds contact by e-mail only)